Wednesday, December 7, 2016

5 Top Tips for Choosing the right Electric Wheelchair for you

You would know the restrictions of a wheelchair if someone you know, or yourself, is wheelchair bound. There are so many difficulties to contend with - it is problematic to take the wheelchair uphill all by oneself, doors are too narrow to pass, and in the process you may end up with wounds on your fingers and painful arms. Now welcome the electric wheelchairs. These novel chairs are adjusted with electric motors that are put in the place of the hand bound tire rotation that you may be used to. With these wheelchairs a person who was restricted by manual wheelchairs will experience a freedom and comfort for the first time ever. But it is always preferable that you choose the right wheelchair, one that answers your personal requirement.

Tip #1
At the time of choosing the best electric wheelchair  that is suited to your personal need, it is crucial to know the cost that you would need to incur. Your medical insurance provider would be one of the right persons for answering your query. You will also be required to ponder on how much your own money will be there to add to the insurance company's coverage. When you are out purchasing your electric wheelchair, just bear in mind that the regular electric chair can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000.

Tip #2
Other considerations would include such elements like the height and support of the back that you require. This would depend on your own physical limitations, for instance, if you have meager or no strength on upper body muscle. For this condition it is advised that the back be sloped at a 45 degree angle. Consult with a physiologist or with your personal doctor to know the right angle for you.

Tip #3
The control panel that you select will also be determined by your body restrictions. There are many methods available to select from, a joystick is very famous and operates in a similar manner like a video game. However if you have problem with arm control, then you may want a chair that carries a control system controlled by the head, the trunk of the body or through propulsion. Here also your physician will know which system would work best for you.

Tip #4
Once these fundamental choices are done with regarding your wheelchair, it is time to design it for you specifically. You can select the type of leg and foot supports, the extent of padding at the back of the chair together with its color and fabric, and the height of the chair. Whether these options elevate the final price of the wheelchair would depend on the manufacturer's offers.

Tip #5

It is very crucial to take the electric wheelchair for a test drive before you clinch the deal. Some companies would offer a test drive for a couple of hours and some would allow you to try it for one or two days. This kid of advantage would make it easier for you to make the right purchase.

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