Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What will Human Beings Live without Science and Technology

Whether people are not aware of, science and technology has deeply affected our daily lives, and plays in a crucial role in the economic and social development. Since 21st century, science technology, especially the rapid development of computer network technology and electronic information technology make mobile phones, computers are an expensive luxury into homes of ordinary people. And become a necessity of our life. Let’s image. If there is no cell phone, how can we free to keep in touch with our loved ones? If there is no network, how can we have to do with friends in a foreign country far away talk on the land? If there is no high-definition television technology, how can we enjoy the beautiful Hollywood movie? Of course, we have to recognize that science and technology to a certain extent, also changing the way we live, changing our culture.

However, this also causes a wave of information technology. As information technology continues to progress, intelligent integrated network throughout every corner of society, information technology is changing the way humans learn, work and play. Digital production tools and consumer devices widely used in humans who have been living in a terminal to be surrounded by all kinds of information society. Information has become indispensable element in life. Some traditional jobs are eliminated; workforce major focus on information department, and new employment patterns and employment structure is formed. In developed country, it has higher degree of information technology, the information industry employees accounted for more than half of employees in the community. Large number of new employment patterns and employment are destroyed, such as flexible working hours, home office, online job search and flexible employment. Well, commercial transactions, government management, social management structure is also changing.

At the same time, because of technological advances, we can use it to predict some important things. For example, where will the next hurricane landing? How will the stock market react to decline in home prices? Who can win the next presidential election? Many aspects of modern life are inseparable forecast. Existing computer models have been able to quite accurately predict many events, but it still unusual events occur, but we cannot eliminate them.

So, as a current member of society, we should not only recognize the importance of science and technology, should also strive to study science and technology, using it to arm our minds with courage and determination devotion to science, to develop science and technology with the use of mankind broad-mindedness. To love science, respect for science!

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